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Selasa, 27 September 2011

Yesterday Was The 1st Day Ever.

Yesterday, 26 September 2011 was my first day being a TEACHER for somewhile. I was inspired to write this post when my eyes started to see and my mind started to understand.

I don’t know how it all happened but as I remember I never expected this profession sweetie for my mood and smiley for my deep heart… ha-ha  . The day I graduated, some of my friends are already convincing me to teach but I hesitated because I know that being a teacher is a tough profession. The new generations in this global wide is too different with our last generations.

Being a teacher not only give the students tough homework/ assignments, the vital thing is explanations the lesson, I’ll just be a friend to the students and try to be more optimistic in this field, that will off-set it all. Yeah, I was once a student and I remember how hard our teachers work for us, they are always convincing us and encouraging us to do what we don’t want to do and I have to admit that they were like our second parents but out of all the hard task they’ve been doing, they still get to be criticized in the end. How sad it is?

Being a teacher that teaching English lesson is not easy as ABC… ha-ha...  Definitely! Especially when you’ve to teach the secondary student even they only in form 1 and 2. At first I can’t get my mood, it all lost! Oh mood… where are you flying? At last I try harder… I gave it a try and try without full stop, I said to myself ok I’ll just have to give it my best shot. I was really terrified, excited, worried, scared well I really have mixed emotions of uncertainties that day. Hu-hu millions of taste and expression in 1 day... 

When I got into the classroom I noticed that I had a white board, so I walked over to it to write my name. That's when I discovered that I had nothing to write with.Oh my god! I forgot my marker pen… hu-hu.. How careless I am in that time! I hate that feel. I also did not have a formally teacher's desk, nothing on the walls, and obviously, no teaching experience. It was up to me to make sure that the students didn't catch onto the fact that I was a newbie. I at least knew that much!

After finished the class, class monitor gave a command and all student thanked me, I remember thinking to myself how hard I had worked. I also remember thinking that I had finally found my path in life. I have never looked back; teaching was what I was meant to do.

Dear my students,
I’ll try…. Try and also retry to gain the spirit of love to English subject in bottom of my student heart. Please give me a chance!lets me win your spirit and soul.

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ayong berkata...

wow..english teacher..tres bien..'',)

Transkripsi Hati berkata...

acik !!..all the best 4 ur life..Allah yusahhil percaya acik akan menjadi guru yg baik dan cemerlang. rasa mcm berdebar plak sy sbb ayah suka sy jadi guru. nnt acik boleh la sharing2 ngn sy ye..doakan sy kat sni..jumpa lagi kt Msia ~

ChefBujang berkata...

congatulations teacher anis..

tiara-qurratu'aini berkata...

assalamualaikum wbt semua :)

ayong : belajar elok2 ... bnyk lagi ruang yg mahasiswi morocco boleh serta mampu sumbangkan untuk agama dan anak bangsa kita... =) bon chance bon courage mon amie...

tiara-qurratu'aini berkata...

transkripsi hati : hai awak... rindu awak... insha Allah nnt jumpa di malaysia... calling2x kalau balik nanti...cepat2 grad... x sabar nak jumpa ni ... usaha yg terbaik ...insha Allah natijahnya juga terbaik :) kirim salam semua...

tiara-qurratu'aini berkata...

ali imran abd rahman : duk maroc baik2... study smart cpt2 balik msia utk curahkan bakti... btw..thanks 4 wished... =)

Time Traveller berkata...

All the best.. Moga menjadi cikgu contoh yang terbaik buat yang lain amin.. dan di sayangi pelajar.. :D

keep a good work..

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